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Why our Parquet polishing services in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur & Lalitpur?

Parquet polishing service in Kathmandu

Our parquet polishing services provide parquet polishing services in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. We [well-trained and skilled manpower to clean and polish your parquet using advanced and good-quality polishing chemicals. We are one of the best polishing companies with experienced of more than 4 years. Our customer is satisfied with our services and impressed by our work.

Parquet is the most popular and best flooring option nowadays because of its appearance, and durability, and it is affordable to install. Parquet is easy to clean in daily usage and it won’t trap any bad smell. The parquet needs to be cleaned frequently because it increases the glow of the parquet and increases its durability. Our parquet polishing services provide well-trained and experienced workers for polishing services.

Why should you have to polish your parquet?

Parquet is the most popular flooring which provides a shiny and glowing appearance to your floor. Parqueting polishing is required to increase its durability, its lifespan, and also increase its shiny appearance. Maintaining parquet properly makes them last for many years. A well-polished parquet provides the standard appearance to your floor and room and it doesn’t give a bad odor in the surroundings. Our parquet polishing services provide well-trained and skilled experts to clean and polished your parquet properly and give it a glowing appearance as a new one. 

Reason to hire a professional from our parquet polishing services

Our parquet polishing services provide well-trained experts with good quality polishing chemicals to clean and polish parquet properly. Here are some reasons to hire professionals from our parqueting polishing services. 

  1. Advanced tools and techniques 

 Our parquet polishing services provide standard tools to polish your parquet properly. Our professional staff uses advanced techniques and methods to polish your parquet quickly and efficiently. We have advanced machines from abroad which give satisfactory results.

  1. Well-trained staff

Our parqueting polishing services have well-trained and skilled staff for your parquet. Our staff are experienced and have polished more than 100 house’s parquet. They work to your requirement and expectations. 

  1. Reliable cost

It is cost-effective and affordable to hire professionals from our parqueting polishing services. We provide standard machines and quality products at affordable and reliable cost to polish your parquet. 

  1. Satisfied result

We have experience of 4 years in parqueting polishing services as we have polished many houses. Our customers are satisfied with our services and have positive feedback. 

How parquet polishing is done by professionals of our parquet polishing services?

Our professional first clean parquet by proper vacuuming. Grinding and sanding are done to shine the dullness of the parquet.

Our professional also refill the gaps between the parquet if the parquet strips are loosened. then they use high-quality polishing liquid to achieve a shiny and glowing appearance. our professional polish properly and gives standard look to your parquet.

How much does it cost to polish the parquet?

It depends upon the area to polish. Our parqueting polishing services provide affordable and reliable costs to polish. We charge  55 rupees per square foot while polishing the parquet. It includes cleaning also. 

Why do our parqueting polishing services provide better parqueting polishing services than others?

We provide advanced technology as well as chemicals and experience of many years with satisfied feedback from our customers. We provide parquet polishing from skilled and well-trained manpower around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.  

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)-Parquet Polishing Services in Kathmandu

Regular polishing and maintaining parquet helps to extant the life of your parquet floor and keep its appearance glowing. Regular cleaning parquet removes dirt and dust from the floor and also protects the surface. Our parqueting polishing services provide skilled manpower with machines and tools to polish, clean, and maintain the shiny appearance of your parquet.
Our professionals from parqueting polishing services, first dry clean the surface to remove dry dust and dirt from the parquet floor. Then deep cleaning is done with cleaning detergents and a scrubbing machine. After cleaning it, they use a wet vacuum to suck all the remaining dirt particles and water from the parquet floor, and then polish is done to increase and achieve a great glowing and shiny appearance from the parquet floor.
You need to polish your parquet every 2-3 weeks to extend its lifespan and maintain a glow and shiny appearance on your floor. Cleaning and sweeping on regular basis removes dirt and dust from the parquet flooring.
It takes a minimum of 24 hours to dry the last coat of finish and 48 hours is even better to achieve a glowing and shining appearance on the parquet floor.

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