Painting Service in Kathmandu

Painting service in Kathmandu

Why to choose our Painting services in Kathmandu? A full guide..

Our painting service in Kathmandu provide skilled and professional painters who use high and premium-quality painting products along with advanced technology. This painting services have experience of 4 years in the painting field. We use the latest and most advanced painting machines to paint your house.

Paint is the most important substance for your structure to protect from dust, strain, and all types of weather. Paint not only protects your structure from dust, strain, and all types of weather but also gives a great aesthetic appearance. Our painting services have skilled and experienced painters who paint over 100 houses. They use advanced machines and high-quality paints to change your structure looks. 

Here are some reasons to hire professionals from our painting services in Kathmandu

Our painting services provide highly trained painters with advanced machines and premium paint products. 

  1. Appearance 

Painting is the most essential substance which changes the entire look of the structure. The structure’s appearance turns standard while high-quality painting products are used in it. Our painting services provide premium quality products that give quality painting in structures. Our services increase your structure appearance and standard.

  1. Quality product

Quality of the painting also matters while painting is done to your structure. The low-quality product doesn’t give the required and expected appearance. Our painting services used premium-quality paints to paint your structure.

  1. Minimize dust and dirt

Walls don’t minimize dust and dirt so paint is important to get rid of dirt and dust from the structure. Our painting services provide dust-free painting product which helps to get rid of dust and dirt.

  1. Hide permanent marks and strain

Permanent marks and strain make our structure looks old and dirty. It is impossible to remove permanent marks from your structure. So painting is used to hide permanent marks and strains. It hides marks and also gives a pleasing appearance to the structure.

  1. Cost-effective

While painting your structure, premium quality paint is used to give your structure a great aesthetic appearance. Our painting services provide advanced technology to paint your structure at a reliable and affordable cost.

How do they paint the interior and exterior surfaces of the building?

Our painting service in Kathmandu provide skilled painters with experience in painting many structures. They have proper knowledge of using technology and safety equipment. While cleaning the exterior surface of huge commercial buildings, painters wear safety equipment and paint hanging through the rope.

Professionals painter use quality products to achieve a great color appearance while painting interiors. They care properly and paint to give great color texture which makes the standard appearance of the structure.

Painting services in Kathmandu

How much does it cost to paint through our painting services?

Our painting service in Kathmandu are cost-effective. They provide skilled painters with high-technology machines to paint your structure. Normally it takes 10 rupees per square foot.

Why our painting services are better painting services than others in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara?

Our painting service in Kathmandu provide the latest and most advanced painting equipment with highly trained painters. Also, they use premium quality painting products. We have experience of more than 4 years in painting services where have satisfying response from the customer. 

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)-Painting services in Kathmandu

Painting is important to your structure to protect it from different weathers, dust, and dirt. It is also important to provide a standard aesthetic appearance. A good quality painting hides permanent marks and strain from the building. Our painting services provide skilled painters with advanced tools and good-quality painting products. 
Before starting painting works our painter contact you and discuss your requirement and painting products. After that, It depends upon you to stay or leave while working. Our painters then paint your structure perfectly according to your requirement and needs. They paint better than your expectation. 
A good painter always listens to their client's demands and expectation and also suggest good painting product whether they could be expensive or cheap. They paint your structure perfectly with quality products and no mistake is done while painting. A good painter finishes their work quickly and efficiently. They take care painting surface must be clean and that no rough work is performed while painting. 
Here are the procedures for painting: 1: Meeting and demands: Before starting painting, painters or contractors must meet clients and talk. They must listen to the client’s demands and choose colors for painting. They must fix the time to start and the average time taken for painting works.  2: Preparing the surface: The surface where paint has to be performed must be cleaned and smooth. Dry the surface properly before starting the project.  3: Painting the surface: Good quality and premium painting product as well as demanded color is used to paint the surface with trained painters and advanced tools.   4: Feedback from clients: Make sure to fulfill clients' demands. And take feedback from clients if they like our services.
It depends upon the area to be painted. Normally it takes 10 rupees per square foot while painting from our painting services. product, as well as demanded color, is used.

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