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Introduction of Pigeon net installation service in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara

If you are planning on installing a pigeon net on your property to get rid of birds then our pigeon net service provides the best net installation service in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. We provide different types of nets such as polyethylene net or stainless steel. Our pigeon net services have well-trained technicians to install the net in your building properly. 

two pigeons blocked by pigeon net in Kathmandu

A pigeon net is important to install in your building to prevent pigeons or birds. In markets, you will find different types of net like polyethylene or stainless steel. They both are durable and use long-lasting material. But polyethylene is cheap compared to stainless steel. In buildings especially polyethylene net is used. Small mesh-like 1 or 2 cm square helps to avoid entrance for birds to the building. Pigeon net service is used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas. 

What are the reasons to install a pigeon net?

 Our pigeon net service provides trained manpower to install the pigeon net. Here are some reasons to install a pigeon net:

  1. To protect crops

Farmers also used pigeon nets to prevent birds from damaging crops, fruits, vegetables, etc. pigeon net service installs durable nets in your field to protect your crops. Installing pigeon nets in the field helps to protect crops which helps farmers to avoid economic losses. 

  1. To protect buildings

Balconies, chimneys, roofs, etc, are the best places for birds to make nests and roost. Birds leave their faces which can cause serious diseases. So to protect your entire building from birds, a pigeon net needs to be installed. Preventing birds from the building also helps to maintain your building’s appearance.

  1. To protect fishes

Pigeon net services provide netting to protect fish as well as wildlife reserves. Fishermen mostly use netting in ponds, and lakes to protect their fish from birds like vultures, eagles, etc. 

What are the reasons to keep birds/pigeons away from us?

installing pigeon net in building's balcony

Pigeons/birds are commonly found on the roof of our buildings. They come here in search of food and shelter. You have to know how dangerous it is. Here are some reasons to keep birds away from us:

  1. The faces of birds can transmit various diseases and problems.
  2. Pecking the pipes by birds may cause leakage 
  3. Faces and their wastage make the surrounding really dirty and bad
  4. Nests built by birds in chimneys may cause fire and damage your property.

How long does the pigeon net last?

pigeon net properly installed in building's balcony.

Pigeon net is made of long-lasting material and it is durable. The pigeon net won’t be affected by any type of weather, thus it may last for a long time like 10 years if it is not destroyed by the person himself.

How much does it cost to install a pigeon net?

Our pigeon net services install at a reliable and affordable cost. It is cost-effective to hire professionals from us. Normally, it costs 120 rupees per square foot to install a pigeon net.


FAQ section

FAQ section

Pigeon net is specially used to prevent birds from buildings, fields as well as lakes. Faces of birds in buildings may transmit dangerous diseases and problems as well as pecking the pipes in buildings may cause leakage. So to avoid such kind of problem pigeon net is important. Pigeon net is also important in fields and lakes to protect crops and fish from birds.
A pigeon net is used in building to prevent the entrance of birds. It is also used in the field to protect crops, vegetables, and fruits. Fishes may be protected in lakes from birds like vultures, and eagles using pigeon nets.
Installing a pigeon net protect your building from birds. Roofs, balconies, and chimney is the best place for birds for nesting and roost, which may cause different problems in a building. So installing a pigeon net is worth it as it prevents birds from entering buildings.
Pigeon nets resist UV rays, rain, wind, etc. Normally pigeon nets last for at least 10 years and sometimes more depending upon the quality of the net. 
The cost of installation depends on the quality and type of net. Normally it takes 120 rupees per square foot for installing a pigeon net. 

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