Bird Spikes Service – Its Cost, Advantages, and Many More

Even though they are lovely and intriguing animals, birds can frequently cause problems when they choose to settle in undesirable areas. These feathered companions may do harm, make ugly messes, and even pose health dangers on rooftops and balconies. You’re not alone if you’re struggling with the ongoing issue of birds roosting or nesting in inappropriate places. Fortunately, Bird spikes services offer a remedy. Read the full article prepared by bird spikes service in Kathmandu to have an idea of bird control spikes, pigeon net installation service or pigeon net installation and more more related bird spikes service.

installing Bird spikes

We explore the world of bird spikes and the related services in this extensive guide. We’ll go over the price, benefits, and difficult procedures involved in using these services. If you’re a business owner, property manager, or homeowner, you may avoid the difficulties by being aware of how Bird spikes services operate and the advantages they offer.

Our goal is to provide you with the information and understanding necessary to make wise choices about bird management. Along with learning the different aspects of installing bird spikes, you’ll also discover if it’s the best course of action for what you’re facing. After reading this, you should have a good idea of how bird spikes work to prevent birds, how much they cost, and why hiring professionals is a better option.

Thus, continue reading if you’ve ever questioned whether bird spikes are the solution to your bird control issues or how to obtain this service. We’re going to look deeply into the subject of bird spikes service and everything that goes into them.

Do Bird Spikes Really Work?

An innovative solution to the continuous issue of birds roosting and nesting in undesirable places is the use of bird spikes. These are a compassionate and very successful kind of bird control; we will discuss how they operate and their track record of success in this section.

What Are Bird Spikes?

bird spikes

As the name suggests, bird spikes are physical obstacles, usually composed of strong components like plastic or stainless steel. They are made up of a number of sharp rods or spikes positioned so as to deter birds from perching or landing on signs, ledges, rooftops, and other surfaces. The birds are not harmed by these spikes; instead, they find it uncomfortable to roost or build a nest because of it.

How Do Bird Spikes Work?

Bird spikes work well because of their simple yet effective design. Birds find that it is almost impossible to settle comfortably on surfaces covered in bird spikes when they try to land on them. The birds are forced to look for another landing place because of the uneven, unstable surface created by the sharp rods.

Because birds are creatures of habit, they quickly learn to avoid the area when they come across these uncomfortable spikes. As time passes, the birds begin to feel uncomfortable on the protected surface and search for more comfortable landing spots. The fundamental mechanism by which bird spikes prevent birds from roosting and nesting is this conditioning.

Effectiveness in Deterring Birds

Bird spikes have a well-established reputation for their effectiveness in deterring a wide range of bird species, including pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, and crows. Their success can be attributed to several key factors:

1. Non-harmful: Bird spikes are humane and cause no harm to the birds. They simply create an unwelcoming environment for them, encouraging them to find an alternative location.

2. Long-lasting: Bird spikes are durable and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They provide a long-term solution to bird-related problems.

3. Versatility: These spikes can be installed on various surfaces, from building ledges to signs, beams, and even trees.

4. Low maintenance: Once installed, bird spikes require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution.

What Is the Function of Bird Spikes?

Bird spikes are a very efficient and friendly way to control birds. We will examine the main purposes of bird spikes in this section, defining how they keep birds from roosting or building nests and pointing out how humane their use is.

Primary Functions of Bird Spikes

1. Deterrence: The fundamental function of bird spikes is to deter birds from landing on or perching on specific surfaces. By creating an uneven and uncomfortable environment, bird spikes discourage birds from roosting, nesting, or even loitering in areas where they are installed.

2. Protection: Bird spikes are designed to protect structures, buildings, and outdoor spaces from the damaging effects of bird activities. This includes preventing bird droppings, which can be corrosive and unsightly, from accumulating on surfaces.

3. Health and Safety: Bird spikes play a crucial role in maintaining health and safety. By deterring birds from roosting in or around buildings, they reduce the risk of diseases associated with bird droppings. In urban environments, where birds can often carry diseases, this function is of particular importance.

How Bird Spikes Prevent Birds from Roosting or Nesting?

Because they are inactive animals, birds choose their roosting and nesting sites based on the availability of certain necessities like food, safety, and shelter. Bird spikes function by upsetting these elements, which deters birds from visiting a certain area:

1. Uncomfortable Surface: Bird spikes create an uncomfortable and unstable landing surface. When birds attempt to perch on these surfaces, they experience discomfort, as the spikes do not allow them to land securely. This discomfort deters them from returning to the same spot.

2. Psychological Conditioning: Birds quickly learn that the protected area is not suitable for roosting or nesting. They associate the presence of bird spikes with discomfort and inconvenience. Over time, they seek alternatives, changing their habits and roosting patterns.

3. Minimal Disturbance: Bird spikes are designed to be unobtrusive and low-profile. This minimizes disturbance to the aesthetic of a building or outdoor space while effectively deterring birds. They do not cause harm to the birds but rather encourage them to choose different locations for their activities.

Who Can Fit Bird Spikes?

One of the most important steps in successfully keeping birds out of undesirable areas is installing bird spikes. This section will discuss who is qualified to install bird spikes, stress the value of a professional installation, and, if appropriate, discuss do-it-yourself alternatives.

Qualified Individuals for Bird Spike Installation

1. Professional Bird Control Services: The most qualified individuals to install bird spikes are professional bird control services. These experts have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to install bird spikes correctly. They can assess your specific bird control needs, recommend the appropriate type of bird spikes, and ensure they are installed in the right locations.

2. Experienced Contractors: In some cases, experienced contractors, such as roofers or construction professionals, may be qualified to install bird spikes. They should have prior experience with bird spike installation to ensure the spikes are securely and effectively placed.

3. Property Managers and Maintenance Staff: Property managers and maintenance staff with training or experience in bird control may also be qualified to install bird spikes. However, it’s important to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and tools for proper installation.

Importance of Professional Installation

Professional installation of bird spikes is highly recommended for several reasons:

1. Expertise: Professional bird control services are well-versed in the behavior of various bird species and can determine the best placement for bird spikes based on your specific bird-related issues.

2. Optimal Results: Properly installed bird spikes are more effective at deterring birds. Professionals can ensure that the spikes are securely and evenly placed, leaving no room for birds to perch or nest.

3. Safety: Professional installers have the training and equipment to work safely at heights or in challenging locations, such as rooftops or ledges. Safety is paramount when installing bird spikes.

4. Longevity: Professionally installed bird spikes are likely to last longer and require less maintenance than those installed by individuals without specialized knowledge.

5. Compliance: Some areas or buildings may have regulations or restrictions regarding bird control methods. Professionals are aware of these regulations and can ensure compliance.

DIY Options

For best results, professional installation is advised, but for those who are confident in their skills, there are some do-it-yourself options. Hardware stores and internet retailers sell bird spikes, which you can install on your own. The following things to think about when installing DIY:

1. Follow Instructions: Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the bird spikes. This will ensure proper installation.

2. Safety: Be cautious when working at heights or in challenging locations. Use appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses.

3. Tools: You may need specific tools, such as a drill, screws, and adhesive, to secure the bird spikes in place.

4. Thoroughness: Ensure that the bird spikes are installed evenly and securely to prevent birds from finding a way to perch.

It’s important to note that while DIY installation is an option, professional installation is typically the safest and most effective way to ensure that bird spikes serve their intended purpose and provide long-term bird control. Property owners and managers should consider their specific needs, budget, and safety when deciding who will install bird spikes on their property.

How Much Does It Cost for Pigeon Net installation in Nepal?

The financial effects of installing pigeon netting as a bird control measure should be understood before moving further. This section will cover the cost considerations for installing pigeon nets, offer average pricing data, and clarify how pricing might change depending on the materials, size, and location. In Nepal normally pigeon net installation service charges on average Rs 120 per square feet. You can contact local Pigeon net installers and inquire about their price.

installing white strong pigeon net in Kathmandu

How Much Does It Cost for Bird Spikes in Nepal?

Whether it depends upon you buying Bird spikes or hiring a professional bird spikes installer. If you want to buy bird spikes, in Nepal there are 2 variants:

  1.  3 pin Bird spikes – Rs 500 
  2.  5 pin bird spikes – Rs 700. 

If you want to hire a professional to install with bird spikes normally it costs Rs 690 per running feet for both 3 pin and 5 pin bird spikes. Bird spikes are a well-liked and successful kind of bird control. This section will examine the costs related to installing bird spikes, offer average cost details, and clarify how pricing may change depending on the materials, location, and scope of the project.

Image of 5 pin and 2 pin bird spikes

Benefits of Bird spikes services

Property owners and managers looking for efficient bird control can benefit from a number of advantages provided by Bird spikes services. This section will list the advantages of employing Bird spikes services, go over the possibility of long-term financial savings, and emphasise how it will improve property upkeep.

Advantages of Using Bird spikes services

1. Effective Bird Deterrence: Bird spikes are highly effective at deterring a wide range of bird species, including pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, and crows. Bird spikes services ensure that the spikes are correctly installed in optimal locations, maximizing their effectiveness in discouraging birds from roosting or nesting.

2. Humane Solution: Bird spikes services offer a humane solution to bird control. The spikes do not harm the birds but simply make the protected areas uncomfortable for them. This aligns with ethical and wildlife conservation principles.

3. Long-Term Solution: Bird spikes are durable and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. When installed by professionals, they provide a long-term solution to bird-related problems, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.

4. Versatility: Bird spikes can be installed on various surfaces, including building ledges, signs, beams, and trees. Bird spikes services can assess the specific needs of your property and determine the most suitable locations for installation.

5. Cost-Effective: While there is an initial investment in Bird spikes services, the long-term cost savings can be substantial. By preventing damage caused by birds, reducing cleaning and maintenance expenses, and minimizing health and safety risks, property owners can enjoy significant financial benefits over time.

6. Improved Aesthetics: Bird spikes are designed to be unobtrusive and low-profile. When professionally installed, they blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the building or outdoor space. This ensures that the property’s visual appeal remains intact while effectively addressing bird control issues.

Long-Term Cost Savings

The use of Bird spikes services can lead to significant long-term cost savings for property owners:

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Without bird spikes, property owners often face ongoing expenses related to cleaning bird droppings, repairing damage caused by birds, and replacing property features that may deteriorate due to bird activity. Bird spikes significantly reduce these maintenance costs.

2. Prevention of Health and Safety Risks: Bird droppings can carry diseases and create slippery, hazardous conditions. By deterring birds from roosting, bird spikes mitigate health and safety risks, potentially reducing liability and associated costs.

3. Preservation of Property Value: Effective bird control enhances property aesthetics and value. Properties that are free from bird-related damage and mess maintain their value more effectively and attract potential buyers or tenants.

Positive Impact on Property Maintenance

The positive impact of Bird spikes services on property maintenance is clear:

1. Reduced Clean-Up Efforts: Property owners spend less time and effort on cleaning bird droppings, minimizing the need for frequent cleaning services and labor costs.

2. Extended Lifespan of Property Features: By preventing bird-related damage to structures, signage, and building exteriors, bird spikes extend the lifespan of these features, reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

3. Enhanced Safety: Properties free from bird-related hazards provide a safer environment for occupants, visitors, and workers, reducing the risk of accidents and associated liabilities.

To sum up, there are a lot of benefits associated with using Bird spikes services, such as long-term financial savings, successful bird deterrence, and favorable effects on property maintenance. A humane, long-lasting, and reasonably priced bird control solution can provide property owners and managers with peace of mind while preserving the attractiveness and value of their property.

Choosing the Right Bird spikes service

To guarantee successful bird control on your property, choose the best Bird spikes service provider. This section will cover questions to ask prospective service providers, stress the value of research and customer reviews, and provide advice on how to select a reputable service provider.

Tips for Selecting a Reliable Service Provider

1. Research Multiple Providers: Don’t settle for the first service provider you come across. Research and identify multiple bird spikes service providers in your area to compare their offerings, prices, and reputations. For your Support We have already prepared a list of professional bird spikes services near me / Kathmandu where we have mentioned their reviews, contact details and so on. ( visit this link best cleaning services in Kathmandu Nepal)

2. Check Credentials and Experience: Verify the credentials and experience of the service provider. Ensure they have experience with bird control and bird spike installations. Look for certifications or affiliations with professional organizations related to pest control or bird management.

3. Ask for References: Request references from past clients. Reliable service providers should be willing to provide references or case studies that demonstrate their successful installations.

4. Review Customer Feedback: Search for online customer reviews and testimonials about the service provider. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to gauge their reputation.

5. Inspect Previous Work: If possible, inspect previous installations or ask for photos of completed projects. This will give you an idea of the quality and aesthetics of their work.

The Importance of Research and Customer Reviews

Research and customer reviews play a vital role in selecting the right bird spikes service provider:

– Unbiased Feedback: Customer reviews offer insights into the service provider’s performance, customer satisfaction, and the effectiveness of their bird control solutions. This unbiased feedback can help you make an informed decision.

– Reputation Assessment: By researching online reviews and feedback, you can assess the reputation of a service provider and identify any potential issues or red flags that might influence your choice.

– Peace of Mind: Thorough research and customer reviews provide peace of mind, knowing that you’re making an informed choice based on the experiences of others.

Bird Spikes Service in Nepal

Bird spikes services are a practical way to control birds and are offered in Nepal among other places. This section will cover the availability of Bird spikes services in Nepal, emphasise key elements pertaining to the Nepalese market, and, if available, provide local references or testimonies.

Availability of Bird Spikes Service in Nepal

In Nepal, there is no shortage of Bird spikes services to meet the requirements of businesses, property managers, and homeowners who have problems with birds. Bird spike installation is one of the professional bird control solutions provided by a number of service providers in Nepal. These services are especially helpful in urban settings where birds can cause damage, create unsightly messes, and roost on buildings, making them a nuisance.

Local References or Testimonials

You can ask local bird spikes service providers in Nepal for references and testimonials from their satisfied customers, even though I am unable to provide you with specific local references or testimonials. These sources can offer insightful information about how successful bird spikes service has been in addressing particular bird control issues in Nepal.

Seek local references or testimonials from firms that provide property management services, pest control, or bird control expertise in Nepal to find out more about the availability of bird spikes service there. They can give you details and personal accounts of their interactions with bird spikes service in the Nepali market.


Bird spikes provide an environmentally responsible and humane solution to bird-related problems in urban, rural, and heritage sites. They help with property maintenance and provide long-term cost savings in addition to being an effective bird deterrent. 

We urge readers to think about using bird spikes as a dependable and morally sound way to control birds for their particular needs. Property owners and managers can experience the peace of mind that comes with a long-lasting, compassionate, and efficient solution by working with professional installers. Bird spikes are a safe and efficient way to keep your property looking nice, clean, and valuable while keeping out unwanted birds.

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