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Pest Control Service

Are you looking for a pest control service? If your house is full of pests and you are searching for the best pest control services, then you can hire a professional from our pest control service. Our pest control service is one of the best in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. We provide experts with the required equipment and chemicals to control pests.

Pest is the main reason for to spread of viruses and harmful diseases. So pest control is necessary to control pests. Pest control services include both services in-house and field. Pesticides and rodenticides are used to control pests. Pest in the field damages crops, fruits, and pests in the house, may cause various diseases, and also makes the environment unhygienic. 

What are the reasons to control pests?

Here are some reasons to control pests:

1Serious health issues
2To keep a hygienic house
3To keep food safe and healthy
  1. Serious health issues

Pests spread various dangerous viruses and diseases which may cause serious health issues. They are contaminated foods and if we consume them then we can have a serious illness. So to keep our health safe, pests need to be controlled or removed.

  1. To keep a hygienic house

A house full of pests is always unhygienic. Pest spreads various germs and bacteria which makes the environment contaminated. Pest control is necessary to eliminate all insects, pests, and rodents and make the house clean, healthy, and safe. The use of chemicals with advanced machines removes all the pests and maintains hygienic surroundings.

  1. To keep food safe and healthy

Pest or rodent faces near or on the food made that food contaminated. And consuming contaminated food makes you unhealthy and sick. To prevent this kind of problem, pest control is needed. Pest control helps to remove all the pests and rodents, which helps to keep your food healthy and safe from being contaminated.

Why choose our pest control service?

Our pest control service provides effective chemicals with advanced machines with the required safety equipment. Here are some reasons to choose our pest control service:

  1. Effective chemicals and tools

Professionals from our pest control service used effective chemicals like pesticides, rodents, etc to control pests. These chemicals are eco-friendly and no to harm your health. To spread such kinds of chemicals, professionals use advanced tools and techniques.

  1. Well-trained and skilled professional

We provide skilled manpower to use pesticides and other chemicals to control pests. They have proper knowledge of chemicals and handling tools. Trained professionals use required safety equipment to be safe. 

  1. Environmental friendly

We use eco-friendly chemicals to control pests. These chemicals don’t harm either your health or your environment. Professionals use chemicals that are effective against pests or rodents but don’t affect the environment. Our pest control service uses chemicals that don’t affect your land, air, or water source. 

  1. Cost-effective

It is cost-effective to hire professionals from our pest control service. Our service provides pest control at a reliable and affordable cost.

Some processes for pest control

Here are some processes professionals followed for pest control:

  1. First, remove all the items from your houses, or office before treatment.
  2. Clean the house properly and make sure to remove all the dirt and dust from it.
  3. Prepare pesticides/rodenticides for the purpose.
  4. Spread to the area with tools and proper safety equipment. 
  5. Let the area be dry for at least 4-6 hours to achieve effective results. 

What are the services we provide?

  1. Insects
  2. Rodents
  3. Agricultural pest control services
  1. Insects

Our professionals use pesticides or other chemicals to eliminate insects and bugs from our houses. Insects like cockroaches, mosquitos, etc, may be dangerous so we provide pest control services for insects and bugs with effective chemicals. 

  1. Rodents

Rodents may be the reason for your property damage. Rodents may eat your essential papers. So rodents have to be controlled. Our pest control services provide trained professionals to control rodents from your house.

  1. Agricultural pest control services

Pests need to be eliminated or controlled, as they damage crops, vegetables, and fruits. We provide eco-friendly chemicals to eliminate and remove pests from the field. These chemicals do not harm your crops, or vegetables. 

We provide the best pest control service in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. We used eco-friendly pesticides and rodenticides with advanced tools to control pests.


  1. Is pest control really necessary?
  2. Is pest control safe for kids and pets?
  3. How long should pest control last?
  4. What kinds of chemicals are used for pest control?


  1. Is pest control really necessary?

Pests are the main reason for spreading harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria which may cause serious diseases. To be safe from these harmful viruses and to keep a healthy environment then pest control is necessary.

  1. Is pest control safe for kids and pets?

Professional technicians used safe and eco-friendly chemicals which do not harm your kid’s and pet’s health. Pest control is done under safety regulations and guidelines so it is completely safe for your family.

  1. How long should pest control last?

It depends upon the quality of the product used. The strongest and most effective pest control product lasts for almost 60 to 90 days.

  1. What kind of chemicals are used for pest control?

Professionals use safe and environmentally friendly chemicals i.e pesticides and rodenticides to control pests. They are eco-friendly so these chemicals do not harm your surroundings. 

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