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Sofa cleaning service is the public authority registered cleaning and administration giving organization in Nepal. We are put out in the year 2015 with 6 workers. As of now, We have around 200 workers and staff. The quick development of our exercises brought about to fulfill a turnover of more than RS 45 million. Sofa cleaning service is currently deeply grounded and has a reputed name in Nepal for its expert and quality cleaning service. We have developed consistently, not by getting new clients, but instead by never disheartening our current ones. Customer loyalty is our primary objective as we attempt to the full expert center on what workplaces you to do your fundamental business without obsessing about workplaces.



Basanti Tamang Cleaning company ceo

Basanti Tamang

Meet Basanti Tamang: CEO of a top cleaning company. With a business acumen and a hygiene passion, she leads to create healthier spaces.
lochan rai sales and marketing

Lochan Rai

Sales & Marketing executive
Meet Lochan Rai, our adept Sales and Marketing Executive. With a knack for client engagement and strategic planning, he's a key driver of our cleaning company's growth.

Kabita Rai

Customer Care Support
Introducing Kabita Rai: our Customer Care Support pro. With a focus on top-notch service, Kabita excels in solving client needs swiftly, embodying our commitment to quality and contentment.
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Name: Basanti Tamang

Position: CEO of sofa cleaning service in Kathmandu

Phone: 9851332772

Customer care: 9762796628

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