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Tile cleaning services: One of the best cleaning services in Kathmandu

Our tile cleaning services provide the best tile cleaning services in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. We have experienced and highly skilled professionals to clean your tiles. Our tile cleaning services provide advanced equipment, chemicals as well as cleaning techniques to clean your tiles quickly and efficiently. Cleaning your tile yourself is not effective as you have to give a lot of time as well as effort. To achieve good cleaning results, equipment and chemicals are required so you have to buy equipment as well as chemicals. Hiring professionals from our tile cleaning services help to save you time, effort as well as money.

Using tiles as flooring is the best idea because it gives great interior design and makes your rooms look really good and standard. Generally, tiles are used where a certain amount of water may be present such as kitchens, and bathrooms to protect their surface from moisture damage. Tiles need to be cleaned in time-time to remove all the strain and dust as well as to protect from germs and bacteria. You can hire professional tile cleaners from our tile cleaning services who are well-trained and skilled where they use machines as well as eco-friendly chemicals to clean your tile.

Importance of clean tiles

cleaning dirty tiles

Tiles are used as flooring especially in kitchens, bathrooms, etc to protect the surface from moisture damage. Tiles full of dust and dirt affect your health directly. If the floors of kitchens are full of dirt then the food cooked in there will also be unhealthy. There are high chances of finding harmful germs, bacteria, ad viruses that can cause serious health problems. Our tile cleaning services provide safe tile cleaning chemicals to eliminate all germs and bacteria as well as provide equipment to remove dust and strain from the tiles. 

Reasons to hire professionals from our tile cleaning services

Our professionals clean your tiles which helps to enhance the look of your floor with cleaning chemicals and machines. Here are some reasons to hire professionals from our tile cleaning services:

  1. Appearance 

To enhance and maintain the looks or appearance of your tile, you have to hire professionals. A clean tile provides standard and beautiful looks to your floor as well as rooms. Professionals clean your tiles completely and make them look clean and beautiful. 

  1. Removal of strains

It is not easy to remove stains from tiles as you think. And tiles full of strain look really bad. Our professionals use strain removal machines to remove all the strains from your tile and make them look strained-free and clean.

  1. Elimination of germs 

Dirty tiles are full of harmful germs and bacteria. If tiles are not cleaned properly then these germs and bacteria may cause some serious illnesses to your health. Professional uses some anti-bacterial chemicals to eliminate all germs and bacteria to reduce the danger of diseases.

  1. Saves time and efforts

It consumes a lot of time and effort to clean your tile yourself. To clean your tile quickly and efficiently, you need machines. Professionals from our tile cleaning service clean your tile using advanced machines and methods easily, quickly, and efficiently. 

Procedure to clean your tiles through our professionals

  1. Our professionals first clean the tiles by either sweeping or vacuuming to loose the dirt from the tiles.
  1. Scrubbing is done properly with the help of cleaning chemicals and scrubbing machines.
  1. After scrubbing, professionals from our tile cleaning service use a wet vacuum to suck the remaining chemical water and dust.
  1. Our professional let your tile dry for a moment.

How much does it cost to clean tile from our tile cleaning services?

It depends upon the area of the tile to clean. Our tile cleaning service provide cleaning services an affordable cost. Normally it takes 15 rupees per square foot.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)-Tile cleaning services

In tiles marks, strain, and tints are so deeply embedded it is now possible to take them off through normal cleaning. Professionals have heavy-duty equipment and chemicals to perform tile cleaning effectively. 
To remove all the dirt and strain from the tile. Cleaning tiles helps to increase their durability and to maintain their appearance. Cleaning is also done to eliminate germs and bacteria which may cause dangerous diseases. 
Normal cleaning and sweeping should be done to remove dust and dirt from the tiles. Deep tile cleaning should be done in once every two weeks. It helps to eliminate harmful germs. 
It depends upon the area of the tile to be cleaned. Normally, it cost 15 rupees per square foot.
Cleaning tile can make it look like new with all quality. Cleaned tile provides standard looks like new. Replacing new tiles is just a matter of additional cost. Cleaning tile increases its lifespan and protects it from cracks. So it is worth cleaning than replacing the new one.
Tiles are mostly water resistant but they don’t mean are invincible to water damage. Neglecting tiles that won’t be damaged with water can lead to major problems such as cracked tiles and rotten subflooring

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